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Welcome To Our “Technology Enabled Synthetic Chemical Free Natural Farming Process”

We specialise in offering innovative farm management services, by perfectly blending traditional and modern agriculture techniques, to deliver superior yield and profit in a sustainable way. Our cultivation includes multi-layer farming of various crops chosen carefully based on the domestic conditions like nature of the soil, quality of water and local temperature.

We employ high-end Information and Communication Technological (ICT) solutions such as Farm ERP (Enterprise Resource management), automated sensor based irrigation systems, farm robotics, drone technology and spectral imaging solutions to monitor our farms.


Aathippiran Farms wants to expand access to nutritious foods, especially for affordable consumers in India. Aathippiran will strive towards contributing to healthier communities and a healthier India. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Preserving the long-term fertility of soil
  • Avoiding all forms of pollution resulting from different types of agricultural techniques
  • Producing food products in sufficient quantity and of high nutritional quality
  • Cutting down use of fossil fuel energy in agricultural practices


Aathippiran Farms holds certain key set of values that guide and lead us to success:

  • Focused efforts to achieve utmost quality standards
  • Imparting scientific approach without compromising our traditional customs
  • Following a farmer-centric approach
  • Having a broad social outlook
  • Being genuine in all stakeholder engagements


  • Healthy Food: Instead of Organic Food – Change as Chemical Free Food.
  • Healthy Soil: Healthy soils form the foundation of organic production. Organic manures derived from farm animals contains necessary plant nutrients that enriches the health of the soil.
  • Harm Reduction: Natural fertility and ecological pest management enables elimination of harmful chemicals.
  • Clean Waters: Organic practices such as crop rotations and mulching process increases soils capacity to absorb and store moisture.
  • Farm Workers’ Health: Instead of Organic Farming – Change as Synthetic Chemical Free Farming.
  • Integrity: Remove Organic and replace with Synthetic Chemical Free Farming.

Best Selling Products

Toor Dal
Urad Dal
Thooya Malli Boiled Rice
Karuppu Kouni Rice

Healthy Soil
Healthy Food

Healthy soils form the foundation of organic cultivation.

Know your Food
Know your Farmer

We convey the importance of healthy food and knowing where it comes from.

No GM crops or products

We don’t depend on Artificial Growth Promotors or Enhancers.


Ultra-Safe Packaging and Transportation. Money back guarantee for spoiled products.


Customers are welcome to ask for documentation, not only of the end product but the entire process chain.